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What is Bethesda Healing Ministry (BHM)?

BHM is a post-abortion healing ministry. We are a group of mothers and fathers who have suffered the experience of abortion. We gather twice a month to share, heal, and grow. We are now experiencing the gift of God’s healing love. We’ve been there. We understand.

Where are you located?

We are located at 2744 Dover Road, Columbus, OH 43209 on the right side of Christ the King Catholic Church off of Livingston Ave. A parking lot is available off of Livingston Ave.

When are your meetings? What do you do when you meet?

Men, women, trained laity, professionals and clergy chaplain gather on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month (6:30-8:30p.m.) to support, reflect and seek healing through the use of a scripturally-based manual and through the wisdom and love of those who have “been there”.

The group meets throughout the year with the exception of holidays and special considerations as determined by BHM pastoral team.

How do I start the healing process?

The newcomer makes a phone call to one of our Bethesda Companions or you may also come to one of the meetings. The first phone call is always one of compassion, understanding and welcome. Following the first call, the newcomer is offered a brochure with additional information about Bethesda, the Ministry and post-abortion healing. She/he is also invited to attend the next session on the calendar. She/he is asked if a follow-up phone call would be helpful. If so, she/he is asked for a safe, confidential number and the best time to call.

How do I speak to someone directly?

You may contact our ministry any time or day of the year via our help line at 614-309-0157. Or leave a message with our administrative staff at 614-718-0277. Please note that all phone conversations are confidential. 

Do I have to come to the meetings?

Those who attend Bethesda Healing Ministry find an immediate support system and the relief that accompanies such emotional, relational safety.

What if I run into someone I know?

Confidentiality must be honored by all who participate. One can talk about himself/herself at any time, but may NEVER indicate or introduce another as a group member without his/her advance permission.

How do I volunteer for this organization?

Please click here, to visit our contact page.

How do I donate to BHM?

Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation.

Is this only for Catholics?

Bethesda Healing Ministry invites and welcomes individuals of all faiths. It is a common experience that all who seek healing encounter Jesus Christ at some point.

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614-309-0157 (24/7×365) 

Bethesda Healing Ministry
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