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I’ve been to Confession, why do I still feel so miserable/ashamed/guilty?

Sin does not permanently alienate us from God’s love and mercy. In the forgiving environment of the Bethesda Post-Abortion Healing Ministry, many of us for the first time realize that our distance from our Father is self-imposed punishment directed by guilt and shame. Instead of trusting God, having faith in his life-giving love.

Every year around the anniversary of my abortion, I get depressed. Is that normal?

Yes, read more (link) – After an Abortion

The abortion never bothered me before. Why after 10 years do I have these feelings?

Those seeking acceptance and forgiveness arrive at Bethesda days, months and even thirty-eight years after one or multiple abortions. Most have carried with them the heavy burden of guilt, shame, self hatred and isolation typical of post- abortion syndrome (PAS).

How long does it take to be healed? How long does it take to ask for help?

Healing happens at many levels and takes time. It is unique to each person. Even with the indwelling of God’s grace and acceptance of Jesus Christ into one’s life, continued commitment and humility through prayer and community remain important ingredients.

We know the healing journey is long, and not an easy one. Taking responsibility is a major step toward reconciliation and peace.

If I come to a meeting, do I have to share?

Those new to the group can chose to remain silent and respond through listening. We encourage six months of attendance (12 sessions before terminating group involvement). All who come bring fresh pain, insights, struggles, life, friendship and hope to the group. Active participation by each person usually results in more quickly facilitating the healing process.

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