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Faith Leads to Action for Post-Abortion Healing

20 Feb 2018 7:12 PM | Allison Arend (Administrator)

In other articles, we've discussed the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity, what they are and what they do for us. Now, we're going to talk about how belief in Jesus Christ moves us to action in two ways: first, for our own good, and second, for the good of others.

Faith Liberates You First

Usually, when you are sunk deeply in a well of pain, you can't really think about pursuing the good of others. And that's okay. How can you joyfully help others when you feel like such a broken mess yourself? Because the wounds of abortion can seem insurmountable, it's hard to imagine turning your faith outward until you accept from God that you can, indeed, be reconciled and made free. By reaching out for help, your faith first stabilizes you in the healing process that Jesus brokered for you on the cross.

Faith opens your eyes to God's mercy and love. While the devil tries to keep you blind and deaf to God's call, accusing you day and night for the abortion(s), faith acts like a cone of silence dropped over the devil, freeing your mind to hear the Lord's words instead. He says, "I know what happened, I know your grief, I love you anyway, and I forgive you. Take my hand and come with me." Faith powers your act of stretching for His hand and climbing out of the darkness. Often, scaling the walls of the pit involves the compassion offered by others, such as the counselors at Bethesda Healing Ministry.

Faith Lights a Fire of Love Under Your Feet

Once He has lifted you from the depth of your sorrows and trauma, you start to register the needs of others, especially those just like you. Faith ignites a fire in your heart for the Lord and for your fellow brothers and sisters. The flame in your soul greatly moves you to help other victims of abortion see with the eyes of faith, too.

As St. James says, "Faith without works is dead." True faith inspires your action, your spiritual instinct to become a lifeline of hope for the drowning. If a person proclaims that they have faith but feel no compulsion to act on behalf of his or her fellows in some capacity, that person only possesses intellectual faith, not the supernatural virtue by the same name. Spiritual faith demands exercise. Without movement, faith becomes desperately weak, like a prisoner in solitary confinement.

If faith has compelled you to finally seek post-abortion healing, know that Bethesda Healing Ministry provides a safe, compassionate place to start. Here, you will find only loving, Christian guidance and sacramental ministry. Many of our Companions have experienced abortion themselves and now act out their faith to help restore sisters and brothers who have fallen into the same sin. Others faithfully give their hearts to Bethesda's work in a number of indirect ways, prayer most of all. Of course, financial donations to the ministry keep the doors open and the lights on so more despairing people can find rest.

Please contact us today at Bethesda Healing Ministry if you need healing or would like to support our important work, or both.

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