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The Importance of Divine Mercy - Part 1

30 Nov 2017 8:00 AM | Allison Arend (Administrator)

In our previous blog, describing our long-term healing paradigm as rooted in Hope, which is based on a growing Faith in the one triune God. In this blog, we share Jesus' Divine Mercy, which is used in our healing approach.

One of Satan's most successful deceptions has been to convince mankind that the Divine Mercy of God is merely a myth. Despite His Mercy bestowed upon our first parents in the Garden of Eden, He has displayed and announced His Mercy throughout all of history. If Satan spoke the truth, would God not have destroyed Adam and Eve with justified wrath in the garden?

Instead, God has relentlessly pursued sinful man with His Love, with overflows with Mercy. Scripture confirms that God's proven nature is to call for repentance, then to forgive first and often. He punishes only as a last resort when men stubbornly refuse His loving kindness and reject His Love and Mercy. St. John assures us that God is Love (1 Jn 4:8); St. Paul promises that God is rich in Mercy (Eph 2:4); and Nehemiah verifies that God is slow to anger (Neh 9:17).

So, why the persistent confusion? It seems that in this late stage of history, the message of Divine Mercy takes on increased urgency. What exactly is the Mercy of God, and how has God manifested it in the modern world?

Definition of the Mercy of God

Man, in the misery of his sin, moves God's heart to deep pity. Our Creator knows that without Christ, we have no means to help ourselves. Our flesh and pride drive us to sin under the push of the Evil One, and we have no power of our own to turn away. But God did not create man only to hate him in his helplessness. Rather He created us to Love us, and His Love is the very definition of His Mercy. Mercy drives two actions: forgiveness and grace. While these are not Mercy themselves, they form the active, unchangeable embracing arms of it.

Divine Mercy in the Sacred Scriptures

Because God is also just, man, both as individuals and as nations, regularly provoke Him to anger. But Sacred Scripture repeatedly reveals that God desires to pour out His Mercy and avoid dispensing to man that which he deserves. We read, as only one example out of many, from Jeremiah: "Return, rebel Israel…I will not remain angry with you; for I am merciful…I will not continue my wrath forever. Only know your guilt: how you rebelled against the Lord, your God” (Jer 3:12-13).

How Has Mercy Manifested Itself in the Modern World?

We know that Jesus Christ became man to bring the opportunity for repentance to the world and to forgive the sorrowful through His sacrifice on the cross. Although man has accepted this gift to varying degrees since then, as darkness now enfolds the world again, Jesus found it necessary, within the last century, to remind the world anew. In speaking to Saint Maria Faustina, He commissioned her to: “Encourage souls to place great trust in my fathomless Mercy. Let the weak, sinful soul have no fear to approach me, for even if it had more sins than are grains of sand in the world, all would be drowned in the immeasurable depths of my Mercy” (Diary 1059). God's Mercy has yet to reach its expiration date. We do well to sink ourselves into the ocean of His love and healing Mercy.

If you have suffered from the wounds of abortion and seek healing, Bethesda Healing Ministry offers a safe place to accept Christ's Mercy. We understand and offer compassion grounded in experience and the unchangeable Divine Mercy and Love of God. Please contact us today. Don't forget to check back next week on our blog to read part two of this crucial blog series.

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