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The History Of Bethesda Healing Ministry

19 Oct 2017 5:53 PM | Allison Arend (Administrator)

When you are faced with challenging choices, often it can be difficult to see the effects they will have on your life moving forward. Abortion is one of those choices. Dealing with an unexpected pregnancy can be one of the hardest things anyone (both male and female) must face. This can send many people reeling, looking for a quick answer to their problem. When abortion is chosen, the long-lasting effects can be detrimental. Depression and anxiety are common after an abortion and need to be confronted. That is why we at Bethesda Healing Ministry are here. We strive to help those individuals who are dealing with the aftermath and trauma by offering a safe, reliable and nurturing place to heal.

What is Bethesda Healing Ministry?

Our focus at Bethesda is healing and support. We are a non-profit organization compassionately offering long-term help to meet the mental and emotional needs of individuals and couples who have made the choice of abortion and are suffering because of it. Located in Columbus, Ohio, we meet twice a month to engage in group healing/ministry sessions where everyone involved can share their experience and grow.

As a Catholic-based ministry, we aim to ensure that individuals are met with a family of God. Our pastoral team is attentive to the needs of everyone, including those who call into our anonymous phone line. We’ve been healing and helping with a God-centered focus since 1993.

Open To Everyone

Although we are a Catholic ministry, we welcome anyone from all religions to join us for healing. We provide a confidential and open space where anyone can share their experiences.  It is through the love and mercy of God and His beloved Son, Jesus Christ that we are restored and healed and that mercy and love extends to all through our supportive community. 

How to Start

Our confidential phone line and companions are always eager to take calls from those looking for advice and compassion. Those who choose to call will receive a free brochure about our services and an offer to attend our next in-person session. You can also request a follow-up phone call or contact our administrative office for any other information you may need.

How Can I Help?

As a non-profit organization, Bethesda does receive some grant money, but primarily survives off of monetary donations. Events do happen throughout the year, giving you several opportunities to help us keep our ministry going.

Bethesda Healing Ministry is all about making sure those suffering from the effects of abortion can recover and overcome the emotional and mental toll that the procedure creates. We provide a positive, supportive, safe and confidential space that anyone can feel comfortable being in. If you are currently suffering from the effects of abortion, we encourage you to contact us and begin your road to healing today.   

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Bethesda Healing Ministry is a non-profit organization

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