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Blessings from a Blizzard

03 Jun 2016 12:02 AM | Deleted user

By Nancy Madrid - BHM Volunteer Coordinator

As many of you may remember, this past January, a major blizzard hit the East Coast at the same time as the March for Life. As many braved their way to Washington DC to give witness to the dignity and value of every life, the Catholic schools in the Columbus diocese were instructed to cancel their trips. St Charles Preparatory School was among the schools affected by the storm raging miles away. While the students of “Cardinals for Life, Dignity, and Justice”, St Charles’ prolife group, were disappointed, their director, Mr. Michael Warner, was seeking other opportunities for them to serve and be part of prolife work here in the local community.

So, he contacted us!

I had the pleasure of speaking with these young men at their regular meeting. I gave a brief overview of Bethesda Healing Ministries history and mission, as well shared with them our new promotional video. They were then invited to share in the work of the ministry by being our “helping hands”.

The first task we gave them was to distribute Benefit Dinner bulletin board flyers to all the parishes that had agreed to post them. The posters and parish addresses were provided and they promptly ran with it, forming teams and delivering the posters as requested. They quickly reported back that the task had been completed!

Next, they were asked to assist us by being available to receive and unload all the flowers being donated and delivered to St. Charles for the Benefit Dinner. They carefully unloaded the plants and stored them in a safe location. The following day, they were on hand to help with finalizing the table and room set up for the dinner. These tasks added up to a tremendous help to us and were greatly appreciated.

We are so pleased to have the Cardinals for Life, Dignity, and Justice as part of our volunteer team now. The young men continue to serve the ministry by putting their energy to work at 5 Porticos. They have been to the center three times since the benefit dinner. One day was spent spring-cleaning on the inside (washing windows, wiping down lights, blinds, and walls, sweeping, etc.) Two more days were spent preparing, planting, and mulching all the flower beds. They have made 5Porticos an inviting place, from the driveway to the chapel. This summer they plan to come back to help with some painting and repairs.

Although the young men of St. Charles were halted by the storm, God has used their desire to be part of the prolife work by uniting their energy and talents with Bethesda Healing Ministry. We have been blessed and look forward to working with them in the years to come.

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